A quick word from Lyn

  • Get the guy or girl
  • Get the job, promotion, and/or client
  • Increase your income, status, and upward mobility
  • Give and Receive the VIP treatment
  • Increase your coterie of interesting Associates and Friends
  • Outclass the competition
  • Become all that you can be
  • Courses are designed to make you beautiful on the inside
  • No expiration date on kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration, sincerity, and courage to try something different

"I am easy to please...I am always satisfied with the best" - Oscar Wilde

"Kindness is the golden thread that binds society together" - Goethe

International Business Etiquette and Protocol

  • Are you ready to do business with China,Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, etc.?
  • Do you know the proper etiquette, manners and protocol to win friends and influence foreigners?
  • Is your Spouse/Significant Other prepared to entertain and be entertained by foreigners from different cultures?
  • Do you know the dining etiquette of each country so as not to not inadvertently offend other people?
  • How is your knowledge of verbal and non-verbal behaviour that could accidentally offend the potential Client and kill the deal? i.e.. Nixon in China's social blunder
  • Are you ready to take a foreign Client to the Opera? Polo match? Football game? Baseball game? etc.
  • Did you ever feel that "all the world is a tuxedo and you are a pair of brown shoes?"
  • Do you know when and where to shake hands, curtsey, bow, hold your hands in the prayer position, or kiss on the cheek?
  • If you get invited to an Embassy Party in Europe, do you know what to do?
  • When invited to a dinner party in a private home in America, it is all right to bring a bottle of wine as a Host/Hostess gift. Is this true in France?
  • What do you do if invited to an Embassy Party in Europe, Asia or the Middle East?
  • YIKES! You are a left-handed person in the Arab world!

Why Etiquette?

  • Corporate Manners = millions$$$$$
  • Poise, confidence & "savoire-faire" for sale
  • Never be intimidated, uneasy, uncomfortable again
  • How to give and receive "The Royal Treatment"
  • How to "outclass your competition" at work and in life
  • Things you never thought you would need to know
  • How to pierce "the glass ceiling"

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